Sunday, August 16, 2009

foobar2000 Best Audio Player

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foobar2000 is a freeware audio player for Windows developed by Peter Pawlowski, a former freelance contractor for Nullsoft. It is known for its highly modular design and extensive SDK which allows third-party developers to do such things as completely replace the interface. While supporting a large number of audio file formats, it has many features for metadata support and file organization, and it has a converter interface for use with command line encoders. To maximize the audio fidelity of consumer-grade equipment, it provides noise shaping and dithering. It features a number of official and third-party components which add many additional features. While the core is closed source, the SDK is licensed under the BSD license.
Since version 0.9.5, foobar2000 supports Windows XP and later releases only. This version features a revamped default interface, with embedded support for album list, album art, spectrum visualization, and some other features and improvements.

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  1. great post i am using this toaster from last few months i never face any kind of problem from the date of the purchase it

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